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Commonwealth Alternative Care

Commonwealth Alternative Care is a cannabis healthcare provider which brings to market high-quality medical marijuana products in a unique and inspiring setting. The company’s goal is to empower those who seek alternative healing by offering premium medical cannabis products. Commonwealth Alternative Care partners locally to add value to our patients and communities through education, outreach, charitable giving, and community involvement. Commonwealth Alternative Care is focused on providing medical cannabis in the forms of flower, edibles, concentrates, oil, shatters, wax and sugar.

Bringing quality, alternative care within reach.

We are an outstanding healthcare provider and neighbor, and the benchmark for medical marijuana healthcare in the state. Our vision, “patient-centered products, wellness, and communities”, reaches well beyond being a medical marijuana provider. Our patient-centered philosophy represents doing business in a responsible, ethical, and compassionate way. Our vision also relies on our skilled team and network of trusted partners who demonstrate integrity, professionalism, compassion and innovation, allowing us to continuously strive to provide excellence to our patients and to our communities.